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In case any of you were wondering what book Harry was holding while he arrived at LAX, it was Women by Charles Bukowski. Here’s the description;

Low-life writer and unrepentant alcoholic Henry Chinaski was born to survive. After decades of slacking off at low-paying dead-end jobs, blowing his cash on booze and women, and scrimping by in flea-bitten apartments, Chinaski sees his poetic star rising at last. Now, at fifty, he is reveling in his sudden rock-star life, running three hundred hangovers a year, and maintaining a sex life that would cripple Casanova.

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today in history class this kid said something about how women belong in the kitchen and my teacher freaked out and he made all the girls in the class write down “at 1:04pm on wednesday november 7th 2012, nick has been blacklisted” and now we’re not allowed to talk to the kid until he comes into class with the 17 apology letters that he’s being forced to write to every girl in the class

I love my history teacher



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How long does your ideal hug last

38-45 minutes

that’s really impractical

u said ideal, not realistic

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On point.



Harry realizing that the balloon is actually an inflated condom +


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